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Elementary Pilot Course

EP : Elementary Pilot course. 

Following the BHPA syllabus for beginners the elementary pilot paragliding course is the first flying qualification. Think of it as stage one on the BHPA rating scheme. Over the course we focus on mastering the basic skills required to paraglide safely. Your progress is plotted in your personal BHPA training log book. EP confirms you have a clear understanding of the basics for flying a paraglider. The licence, whilst enabling you to fly a paraglider solo, does not qualify you to fly outside of the school. The Club Pilot  is the next rating you need to fly unsupervised anywhere in the world. All equipment provided during training.


Club Pilot 

The  Club Pilot (CP) paragliding course follows on from the Elementary Pilot course, again following the BHPA syllabus. The Club Pilot course is the minimum BHPA rating you will need in order to paraglide anywhere in the world, without an instructor present. During your paragliding course with us we will work towards developing your paragliding skills in order to make you a safe and competent pilot.

You need to have obtained your Elementary pilot.

At the end of your course there will be a final assessment to ensure that you are safe to fly in the club.


Tandem Flights 

Tandem flights.

The best way to experience our sport. See the beautiful views of our amazing flying sites and get a video of the experience 

BHPA Syllabus 


Elementary Pilot

PHASE 1: Ground Training

  • Introductory Talk
    Site Assessment Briefing
    Introduction to canopy and equipment
    Parachute landing roll

PHASE 2: Ground Handling

  • Pre flight checks
    Getting into the glider
    Launching the glider
    Directional control

PHASE 3: First Hops

  • Getting Airborne at low level

PHASE 4: Flight Exercises

  • Flight briefing
    Communications (radio, bat signals etc)
    Responsibility briefing – you are the pilot in command!
    Higher flights
    Introducing turns
    Basic flight plans

PHASE 5: Theory and Exam

  • Theory lecture on meteorology, principles of flight, anti collision and airlaw
    EP 30 minute exam – (70% pass rate)


Club Pilot


Before undertaking the Club Pilot you must have successfully complete the BHPA Elementary Stage Paragliding (Hill). A check flight may be required in circumstances where there has been a significant interruption in the training program.

PHASE 6: Pre-Soaring

  • Soaring theory
    180 degree turns
    Planned approaches

PHASE 7: Soaring

PHASE 8: Improving your skills

PHASE 9: Instability and emergencies

PHASE 10: Theory and examinations

Final assessment for club pilot:

If you have successfully reached the standard of airmanship required to fly safely and competently and have the right attitude to flying then you are given the BHPA Club Pilot Rating by our CFI.

    • Soaring flights
      Top landings
      Flying with others

    • Ground handling in light and strong winds
      Exploring the speed range
      Accelerated flight, speed bar
      Forward launch technique
      Reverse launch
      Weight shift and pitch control
      Slope landings

    • Theory of collapses, spin, stall, spirals, tree landings, PLF, line failure
      Active flying
      Rapid descent technique
      Dealing with tucks

    • Meteorology
      Principles of flight
      Rules of the air
      General airmanship
      Sit the Hill environment exam (25 questions)
      Sit the CP exam (56 questions)


Tandem Flight

What to expect…​

  • We give you direction to the flying site

  • We drive up to the take off area

  • Meet your instructor and go through the flight briefing

  • Take off! We aim to do one longer soaring flight or multiple shorter flights depending on the weather conditions

  • After you have flown you can leave straight from the flying site or stick around there is always pilots flying on flyable days.


We are a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) approved and regulated school, therefore all students must be a member of the BHPA whilst training. BHPA membership gives you third party insurance and allows you to gain any BHPA ratings. The cost of this is not included in the course and will need to be paid for by you. Flying Member
12 Months3rd Party Insurance, 12 issues of Skywings Magazine, Full BHPA Membership£149
(members paying by direct debit will receive an annual discount of £7 on renewal)An additional £25 Joining Fee must be paid when you join the BHPA. The Joining Fee does not apply to membership renewals where membership has been continuous.

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