Gift Vouchers

Are Gift Vouchers are Great gift for:


Wedding Gifts


Break Ups

Fathers/Mothers Day


Team Building Days



Tandem Flight Gift Voucher Are not available SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS .


Introductory ”One Day Taster” Course 

***** It is in your best interest to try and make yourself available for your flight when offered it.. Between finding the correct day and allot of interest in our flights its easy to get put to the back of the list again*****



 Once voucher has been received it is in your best interest to make contact  with Cloud Surfer Ireland if no contact within 6 months your voucher is void. After contact has been made Cloud Surfer Will offer you days/weather windows for your flight. A number of flights/good days will be offered  if voucher holder continuously doesn’t make themselves available no refund will be offered as voucher holder isn’t making themselves available.Once voucher holder makes contact the voucher will never go out of date until the holder has had there flight .If voucher holder no longer wishes to do the Tandem flight they can offer the flight to a friend /family member or to a charity of their choice ………