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Courses in Dune de Pyla

Elementary or Club Pilot course 

Tandem course 

Ground handling master class 

Site Guiding 

Cloud Surfer Ireland are very much family orientated when it comes to our trips if this is something you wish to turn into a family holiday just get in touch we will help make this a great trip.

All Costs include accommodation,training equipment,and Airport transfers.


Your place will be secured once a deposit  is received, bank transfer details by email.
We work on a ‘first come…’ basis, unfortunately we cannot guarantee an unsecured place for longer than 2 weeks. The rest of the balance is payable 4 weeks before travelling out.

All deposits are non refundable 

Complete Beginners

If you have never touched a paraglider before, this is the perfect opportunity to take your first steps into the air in a pleasant and safe environment.

We offer complete beginners’ courses (Elementary Pilot),EP CP and (Club Pilot ) CPC  continuation training for those already part-way through the EPC syllabus..If you are a qualified pilot you will enjoy soaring the Dune and so it is a good place for a qualified pilot to accompany a friend or partner who is on one of our courses. Even if you did not start with us we can still train you, the Dunes offer the perfect conditions for starting (or restarting) your flying career. We always have at least two instructors available and all the latest equipment that you would expect back in the UK.

All our courses are fully BHPA ratified.


Tandem Course

Who is it suitable for ?

Pilots must have the BHPA minimum entry requirements.
Ie BHPA membership, Pilot rating, at least 100 logged hours and be in current practice. If you are in Instructor or TI the Tandem Rating is a necessary   tool to have in your Arson-al for your School or future School.

We will cover all the practical, theoretical and political aspects of tandem flying. We will have an opportunity to do a lot of launch practice (the fun part!) and you will have a chance to try a variety of techniques. After a couple of check flights with a rated dual instructor, you will be asked to fly with each other, taking turns to be the pilot in command and the passenger (P1 or P2) When you have done sufficient flights and reached the standard the instructor will give you a final assessment for your rating.

Suitable for all levels.

Until now, taking up paragliding meant choosing between learning at a school in the UK and dealing with the variable (and often frustrating !) weather, or learning at a foreign school with a different training system and often a different language.

Cloud surfer Ireland is now  offering BHPA courses at what is  the best training site in Europe; the Grand Dune de Pyla in southwest France. The Dune offers us steady teaching conditions and the area is a fantastic holiday destination.

This is a Paragliders paradise offering reliable flying weather during the summer months. The first time you see the dune it completely takes your breath away. It is over 3km in length, reaches 107 metres above sea level and is absolutely stunning! There’s lots of space and soft fine sand which makes it an excellent place for beginners.

For the more experienced pilots, you will benefit from the opportunity to learn advanced ground handling and soaring skills. We take many people from complete beginner to accomplishing some basic club pilot manoeuvres within the week.


The Dune
Because of its orientation and low altitude, the Dune offers extremely reliable teaching conditions. During the warmer months, the sea breeze effect switches on at around 11am to midday and allows a flyable window until late afternoon. Because our accommodation is literally on the flying site, we can make the most of the flying window and make swift progress through the syllabus.

The Flying Site.

The Dune De Pyla is an excellent environment for flying it is possible to do a large number of take off and landings in a short time and in a safe environment, and the place is ideal for ground handling and practising a variety of launch techniques.
The low dunes can be quite technical to fly well requiring good precision and awareness as the sky is often quite busy, so the place is not without its challenges!




The camp-site backs on to the dune, so our flying site is just a short walk away. We stay in comfortable chalets, although this is a self-catering trip, we tend to organise our evening meals as a group. The chalets offer 5- 6 person accommodation ,Shower, kitchen,patio, BBQ . The campsite is a very relaxing place, set in the shade of a pine forest, and has a pool, shop and restaurant. Best of all, its only a 5 minute walk to take-off! Beaches,Camp, bicycle hire and water sports are all within easy reach making this a family friendly holiday.




Why do it in France?

Northern Ireland and the  UK has some of the best flying and teaching sites in the world. However, the weather patterns can make attaining a BHPA rating a drawn out and frustrating procedure with blown out days interrupting steady progress through the syllabus. By running courses in the very reliable conditions found in this area of France, we can offer a fast track approach to attaining your ratings, and having a great holiday to boot ! We pick you up from the airport, teach you to fly in a great place and drop you back again at the end of the week.



What if the Weather is Bad ?
We have flown extensively in different places around the world and one thing we have learnt above all others is that you can never guarantee the weather ! We try to be realistic about what is achievable in the time allotted and have days in hand should one or more be unsuitable. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you complete the course although the venue and season is chosen to offer the best possible chance. If a day is not flyable, we do make the most of the holiday by finding interesting alternative activities or just enjoying the surroundings with a beer (or two!). Cloud Surfer Ireland will happily continue your training back home  or if your are Mainland UK Recommend one of our BHPA  Friendly Schools close to your area and talk to them and get that set up and running .On Retuning there is NO extra charge on the Training to finish CP Rating if you are a North/South Ireland Resident .