(EP) Elementary pilot

Elementary Course

  • First Flying Qualification
  • Attaining Higher flights
  • Controlling Direction & accurate landing
  • Weather Appreciation
  • Theory sessions
  • First recognised BHPA qualification
  • Modern Paragliders
  • Expert instruction

The Elementary pilot course takes 5 days or less.
The EP is a great starting point for students to experience flying a paraglider solo to higher heights than you are able to on a funday.

Throughout the course flight duration & heights achieved gradually increase.
Upon mastering the basics and safe consistent landing approaches students will learn turning manoeuvres up to 180 degrees and reaching heights of up to 300ft or more. Your progress is plotted in your personal Log Book at Cloud Surfer.

EP confirms you as having a clear understanding of the basics for flying a paraglider. The licence, whilst enabling you to fly a paraglider solo, requires that an instruction is present at all times.

As part of the EP course there are some  lectures, lasting approximately 20minutes. These lectures cover Meteorology, Air Law, Airmanship, and Theory of Flight. The final step is taking a multiple choice exam with 70% being the pass rate.

Specific Syllabus Steps

PHASE1 (Ground Training)

  • Introductory Talk
  • Site Assessment Briefing
  • Introduction to canopy and equipment
  • Avoiding / Minimising injury

PHASE 2 (Ground Handling)

  • Pre flight checks
  • Getting into the glider
  • Launching the glider
  • Directional control

PHASE 3 (First Hops)

  • Getting Airborne (low level)

PHASE 4 (Flight Exercises)

  • Eventualities
  • Communications (radio, bat signals etc)
  • Responsibility briefing
  • Higher flights
  • Introducing turns
  • Making basic flight plans

PHASE 5 (Theory and Exam)

  • 4 Theory lectures
  • EP exam

You will need to contact your  instructor the night before flying and discuss best options and site for the next day. Reason’s for this Irish/Uk Weather can change hour to hour and not always do what its forecast to do,  In the morning of the course, between 9.00-9.30am contact instructor again  to check the weather conditions are suitable and the location of training for that day. This stops a long drive to a hill for students to find out its non flyable.

You will be required to be on site at 10.30 on the day of your course. The day will finish at approx 5.00pm, although it may be slightly later or lesser if the weather allows.

Clothing Requirements
All students must wear BOOTS with very good ankle support. Our sites are farm and hill land  which can be uneven under foot.

You should bring with you clothing appropriate to the weather conditions for the day. The site’s Hill’s are exposed places where prevailing winds can be chilly.

Weight and Age
The minimum age limit for a paragliding fun day is 14. Under 18’s need parental consent to undertake the course.

Due to restraints of each glider, there is an upper weight limit of 23 stone.
You must be in good health, and reasonably fit. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The flight/course must be booked within this time period. No refund or extension will be given for expired vouchers. This cannot be negotiated.

Cloud Surfer Ireland are open 7 days a week, all year round. And yes we do fly in the winter! Some of our best training days are held during the winter.