Learn to Paraglide

Remember as a kid when you dreamt of flying, like a rocket ship or the birds and you thought you’d die trying, now that your older and life is such a stress, with work and the boss and you think oh such a mess.. I wish i had a magic bag to relive my childhood dreams of floating on clouds and skating on moonbeams.. There is such a place and yes it is true, now that your bigger you really can come fly too. So jump aboard your new Cloud Surfer dream and open up your mind to life’s bigger scheme..

Paragliding is the cheapest and easiest  form of aviation/flight, Imagine parking your car on a nice flying day at one of Northern Ireland’s/Ireland’s beauty spots. From the boot of your car you take out a rucksack that fits on your back and and trek off a few yards to where your friends are preparing to fly. After a few minutes spent inspecting your equipment you don helmet and harness, look around, allow the wind to raise the canopy – and launch off into space. This is paragliding!

What exactly is it?
Developed from parachuting canopies, modern paragliders can be soared effortlessly on windward slopes, and flown across country in good conditions.

Cloud Surfer Ireland is a non profit making paragliding school. 

Donations will be made to charity’s of our choice